Saturday, November 12, 2016

6 Teething Must Haves

Now that we have approached the stages of teething I thought I would share my top 6 teething must haves. Teething was always difficult for Kinley so I am expecting it to be just as difficult with Zander. These things sure do help to have!

1. Teething Necklace: This necklace is for me and is Zander's absolute favorite teething toy. I have a few different designs but he seems to prefer the ones with the round silicone beads. It has a snap clasp so he can pull it off and hang on to it if he wants to. Perfect for when I am holding him or he is in the carrier. I did not have these with Kinley but now using them with Zander I highly recommend them. It has been a life saver for us many times.

2. Sophie: She has been a favorite of both of my kids. She is easy to hold and her legs are great to shove in the mouth and rub on the gums. In my opinion it is a gloried dog toy but worth every penny. The squeaking is a good distraction as well.

3. Baltic Amber Teething Necklace: We used this with Kinley and have bought one for Zander as well. The oils in the amber are known to reduce inflammation and pain. It is to be worn as close to where the pain in, hence it being a necklace. I do not like the idea of Zander having something around his neck at night so I take it off, which might defeat the purpose since night time is the worse but safety first! I have heard you can put it around their ankle, which I have tried a few times. There are many knock offs out there so make sure you order from a reputable shop where they use certified amber. The fake stuff won't cut it.

4. Silicone Teethers: I found these elephants on Groopdealz and they became a favorite fast. They are easy to grip and you can put a pacifier clip on them to prevent them from falling on the ground. I recently ordered some suck pads for our Tula and the sweet shop included an owl. I love it.

5. Munchkin Mesh Teether: This is perfect for frozen fruit or breastmilk cubes. It is easy for Zander to hold and can rub it on his gums without making too much of a mess. For that reason it is great for on the go.

6. Tylenol: And last but not least always have Tylenol or Motrin on hand. I use this as a last result because I hate giving my kids medicine but I am not against it. If they are still in pain after trying everything else I will give them medicine. An FYI....the children's tylenol is the same suspension as the infants and you get more for your money, so don't buy the infants :)

What things help get you through teething babies?

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