Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kinley Update - 21 Months

Let's do a Kinley update. Things have been so busy and there has been so much going on I haven't updated on her in a while. She turned 21 months on the 27th so we are getting closer and closer to that 2nd birthday. Did you read about my thoughts on her party? You can here :) The last update I did was at 18 months.

So much has changed in 3 months. This girl is sassy as ever and is growing up way too fast. She really is so lovable and sweet when she wants to be. She gives the best hugs and kisses. She was able to spend all summer with her Nanny at home. It was truly a blessing though I wonder how going back next week to day care is going to be. Her separation anxiety has gotten worse. Especially at night! Oh my!! You know all about that if you have been keeping up with us.

Let's start with some stats. The last time she was at the doctor she was 23lbs 12oz. I am not sure what her height was since they don't measure the height for a sick visit. She did get strep in the last 3 months AGAIN :(. I have no clue where she is getting strep from all the time. This is the third time she has had strep. Poor girl was miserable. It was awful! Luckily after we got some medicine in her she started to feel better after a few days.

Sleep: Welllllll the sleep has been awful the past few weeks. Actually it might be going on a month now. Ever since she got strep she has been in our bed. I am enjoying the cuddles but some nights she is so restless it is hard to get some good sleep. Like last night. I am dragging today. We are thinking about moving her into a twin bed when we move and hoping that will help her. At this point I am not sure what else to do. To be honest I am very nervous about transferring her into a twin bed but I have no other ideas at this point and I don't want her in my bed forever. What happened to my girl that was sleeping 630-6? Ahhh I miss those nights! Parenthood sure is a roller coaster. Though I wouldn't change it! I love her to pieces; even when she doesn't let me sleep! We have officially transitioned to one nap on most days. With going back to daycare next week I think that will work out best.

Eating: I actually think her eating habits are improving and we have outgrown the Mac and Cheese stage. She really doesn't eat much Mac and Cheese anymore. She does love plain noodles but has been trying more things. She really loves her veggies still. Broccoli and cucumbers are still favorites! She loves almost all fruits. She also loves turkey sausage dipped in Ketchup. For breakfast she usually has a whole grain blueberry waffle and some Greek yogurt. She loves yogurt! Lunch is whatever we throw together and for dinner I always offer her what we are eating and she will usually try it, though we usually end up with noodles and turkey sausage. If you open the freezer for ice you gotta be fast because she will sneak a popsicle really fast. She still drinks whole milk and water. She doesn't get any juice. In my opinion there is no need for the added sugar. We tried it when she was sick and she wouldn't even drink it. So hey maybe she doesn't even like it. I can only hope! But for now we will stick with milk and water.

Play: This girl in on the go! All the time! Being outside is still a favorite for her. We have gotten to do lots of fun activities this summer to include the splash pad and the zoo a few times. She hasn't been getting any TV the last 6 weeks. She was asking for it all the time. It was crazy! You would think she was watching it all day. She was getting 1 maybe 2 shows a day. She was throwing a huge fit when we wouldn't turn it on and she couldn't watch it. So we said bye bye to the TV and told her it has been broke. She asked for it for about a week and now doesn't even ask. We spent a lot of time at the park this summer. It was always a good way to wear her out in the afternoon. If you follow me on IG you know she learned to go down the big slide! It is so cute! She has been talking up a storm and I think learns new words every day. The list goes on and on! I wouldn't be able to name all the words if I tried. She loves her baby and we don't go many places without her baby. She also loves doing puzzles and coloring. We also made it to the beach a few times this summer and she LOVED the ocean!! It was hard to get her away from it! She is definitely her Mommy's girl :). One of her new favorite games is to play chase through the house or take the dog lease and attempt to walk him through the house. She thinks it is hilarious! It is pretty entertaining to watch.

She officially has all her teeth. We are now waiting on the 2 year old molars which I am not looking forward to! She constantly has her fingers/fist in her mouth so maybe they are already bothering her. This whole teething business is not fun! We are starting the potty training. The other day she wanted to be changed the second she was wet. The next day...she had no interest. We are just going with it. I am not wanting to rush her. I want to follow her cues!

I can't believe we are going to be planning a 2nd birthday in a few short months. It feels like yesterday I was pregnant and I was holding a newborn. I do miss my baby and our breastfeeding days. But she is getting older and I love the person she is becoming. She is truly amazing! She must get that from her mom ;).

I think that is a good wrap up of what is going on with her these days! Lots of transitions coming up for her soon. I hope she does ok!

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend! We can't wait to see some friends tomorrow!!


  1. OMG that smile!! She's such a cutie!! Hope you guys have lots more adventures this Fall! xoxo, Kayla

  2. She is so adorable. Great to read all about her updates. The sleep thing is so hard. My oldest sometimes still sneaks into our bed and he's 5! Most of the time he does pretty good, but lately it's been just super early mornings he comes in. Our twins, who are 3, have been always good at staying in their cribs and now toddler beds. We do have to keep the door closed or they would come out. I think it helps them having each other. Best of luck on all your transitions. Hope day care goes well!

    1. Thank you Shann! I am dreading switching to the toddler bed! I am hoping it will help but really I am not sure :)

  3. She is such a cutie!! My toddler is giving me fits about eating right now, so you gave me some new ideas. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! They always keep us on our toes!